Project Description

The Power to Move Mountains

Genre: Educational Documentary


This documentary film, sponsored in part by The National Geographic Society, features an eye-opening journey through Appalachia exploring the topic of mountaintop removal coal mining.

This form of coal mining, while very efficient at obtaining coal from the mountain, is devastating the landscape and endangering people’s lives. Almost every major city in the eastern United States is downstream of the 89 trillion gallons of water flowing out of the Appalachian Mountains every year… and that water is becoming more acidic every day due to toxic runoff from these strip mines.

This project does not seek to condemn those involved in the mining… it only seeks to promote wise stewardship of this planet so that its incredible resources are available for future generations. Questions are asked, sociological and ecological issues are addressed, possible solutions and alternatives are considered, and Appalachia is showcased in all of its pristine glory.

Joshua Howard: Producer, Director

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