Visual storytelling has never been so bright with potential. Through the use of transmedia storytelling and cutting-edge technology, writing and producing content can immerse an audience in new worlds and engaging experiences across multiple platforms. Our medium has elevated beyond just entertainment.

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Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy

Using a combination of multiple animation/compositing styles with live-action footage gives APOGEE a unique look and feel. Based on Joshua Howard’s own feature screenplay and upcoming novel, APOGEE: The VR Experience debuted March 2017 to a wonderful crowd at Trustees Theater in Savannah, GA. Below is a trailer for the VR experience that is currently in the VR film festival circuit.

Joshua Howard:
 Writer & Director


2017 Special Jury Award
for Effective Storytelling & Execution of the VR Medium

Genre: Romantic Comedy Musical

A shy waitress, Simone, uses her music as an instrument of change to bring the restaurant and its stuffy owner, Gustavo, out of their usual monotony. Along the way, Simone finds an unexpected connection with Nathan, an upbeat waiter, who shares her musical passion.

Joshua Howard:
 Writer & Producer

Custom VR Camera Rig Designer, Compositor

“SAY IT WITH MUSIC has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a VR musical as well as that most elusive ingredient: charm”

LEONARD MALTIN, Film Critic & Historian

Genre: Documentary

Defining Grace is a documentary film that showcases an orphanage, Into Abba’s Arms, that is based in Kinangop, Kenya, just west of Nairobi. This organization is not only enriching the lives of over 40 young orphans but is reaching out to the community and making positive ripples in a country that is so desperate for the light.

The breathtaking Kenyan landscape is the backdrop for this story, the story of a woman whose initial passion to assist the children of Africa has evolved into a life changing experience not only for her but for those who are now sheltered safely under the wings of the organization that she founded.

Joshua Howard:
Director & Producer