The human element is one of extreme complexity. Beauty and tragedy culminate to create moments that words can only attempt to capture.

Seeking these fragile moments have defined Joshua Howard’s career as a visual storyteller and have taken him around the world. He has lived with the Pech Indians on an archaeological expedition into the jungles of Honduras, has taught filmmaking students how to shoot in the outback of Australia and is regularly diving caves and historical wrecks around the planet.

Joshua wears a lot of different hats. Literally and figuratively. Contact him for any of your wildest film and photo needs:

director of photography • photojournalist • cave diver • filmmaker • producer • screenwriter • underwater cinematographer • PADI scuba instructor • photography instructor • tv host • expedition leader • shark diver • environmentalist • camera operator – underwater & topside • wildlife naturalist • communications expert • gadget tinkerer

a study of light

recent imagery & projects

Amazing Humans

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Amazing Planet Earth

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Along with being an experienced tech and cave diver, Joshua is also a professional scuba instructor. He is as comfortable shooting underwater as he is on dry land. Any body of water can be turned into an underwater studio for your next shoot. Just ask his film students… he developed and taught an underwater cinematography curriculum at Asbury University in Wilmore, KY.

documentaries, feature films, cinematic marketing spots, etc...

demo reel

Feature Film Teaser

This is a 5 minute teaser trailer for an upcoming feature film by Joshua Howard. He is writing, producing and directing the film that is due out in 2017. His Asbury University film students served as his excellent crew during this portion of the shoot.

Underwater Demo Reel

Hailing from Daytona Beach, Florida, the ocean has always been a part of Joshua’s life. Exploring a new deep wreck or photographing a fashion shoot underwater…those are the moments that all of your creativity and training come into play.

'Defining Grace' Trailer

In 2014, the documentary film, ‘Defining Grace’ was completed. The film was shot in Kinangop, Kenya and focused on an orphanage there that is turning the tide of hope in an extremely positive direction for the country.

What has Josh been up to lately?


  • 2015:
    • Founded RALLY HORSE PRODUCTION HOUSE, based in Savannah, GA • Led Yellowstone photography workshop for National Geographic • Wrote two short narrative screenplays & first stage play • Cinematographer for short film, ‘There All Along’, with Red Flight Pictures
  • 2014:
    • Developed and taught underwater cinematography course at Asbury University • Led two ocean conservation expeditions in Belize for National Geographic Student Expedition • Produced, directed & wrote documentary film, ‘Defining Grace’ in Kinangop, Kenya.
  • 2013:
    • Producer and director of photography for two films, a short, ‘Things We Don’t Know’, & a feature film, ‘Swim’, both with Red Flight Pictures in Philadelphia
  • 2012:
    • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer – lots of diving and instructing this year
  • 2011:
    • Expedition lead photographer in La Moskitia, Honduras for National Geographic & the Waitt Foundation • National Geographic Magazine photo assistant in Weeki Wachee Springs, FL & the Chesapeake Bay
  • 2010:
    • National Geographic Young Explorer Grantee
RALLY HORSE: not your normal production house

rally horse_logo_rusted-metal_2_aqua_white

Joshua’s production company, RALLY HORSE PRODUCTION HOUSE, is now making ripples in the southeast. Based in Savannah, GA, they produce commercial marketing spots, short and feature films and love capturing avant-garde and exciting new footage for high-end clients.

the tools of the trade

my gear

A lot of people ask what gear I use on my travels. Here is a list of some of my go-to favorites that have held true mile after mile. I’m always open to new corporate partnerships: Please reach out if you or your company are interested in sponsoring any future projects.

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